Walking Algarve

Lovely walks in the Algarve from B&B Cas al Cubo, Tavira

Walking Algarve


Your walking holiday at B&B Cas al Cubo


Bed and Breakfast Cas al Cubo

Walking in the Algarve is a truly exceptional experience. Due to the mild climate and beautiful nature, the Portuguese Algarve is a fantastic place to discover on foot. The ideal walking period is from September until June. Hundreds of miles of unpaved roads, hardly used goat tracks and trails, meander through a miraculous landscape. Old mills, rivers that rumble through lush valleys with sleepy little towns appearing at the most unexpected moments during your walk. Walking in our Algarve is a real pleasure.

At B&B Cas al Cubo, we have many documented and self made walking trails that are all available on GPS (too). The number of walks we offer is growing every year, because we cannot stop walking ourselves and discover new hidden gems every winter when we have time. We have checked and improved the majority of official PR (Percurso Pedestre) trails and we have logged every one of them with the GPS. The result is that we can give you excellent advice on which walk to choose, based on your requirements because we know every road and every track. You´ll find the majority of our walks in the Eastern Algarve are between Loulé in the west and the river Guadiana in the east, which serves as our border with Spain. This relatively small area has a surprising biodiversity with various birds, flowers and amphibians in the different seasons. All landscapes have their own special inhabitants.

At our B&B we have two GPS systems available for enthusiastic walkers and hikers and of course we offer training. It will take you, at most, half an hour to get the hang of it. We guarantee that! Walking with a GPS might sound a little scary when you´re not used to it, but please believe us; it’s simple to use. Once you know how it works, nothing is easier; it might even turn into an addiction! In the Algarve, the routes, even the official ones, are badly signposted and hardly maintained. Digital maps are not available, and yet, the GPS leads you through all challenging areas without any problem. It offers a relaxed walk where you can be sure not to get lost and to enjoy the surroundings in full.

Depending on your special interest, long or short walks, flowers or birds, lots of climbs or flatter walks, 8 miles or 18 miles, we’d love to offer you information on the possibilities. It doesn’t matter if it is a single day walk or a week’s plan, we would be pleased to share our passion and would be happy to let you discover the most delightful Eastern Algarve.

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