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Lovely walks in the Algarve from B&B Cas al Cubo, Tavira

Walking Algarve

Boa Vista

Boa Vista, a GPS route from B&B Cas al Cubo

A marvelous view towards Tavira

Panorama towards Tavira

For anyone with some knowledge of the Portuguese language, the Name Boa Vista says it all. This round trip of a little over 6 miles, offers the most amazing views towards the coastline of the Sotavento or Eastern Algarve. The track runs through an area of absolute peace and quiet for the larger part and it is advisable to take water, or a liquid of your choice, and maybe even a nice lunch in order to enjoy the views fully. Guests of Cas al Cubo can order a take away lunch one day ahead of the planned walk.

The Boa Vista walk was devised and developed by us and we have made the GPS track ourselves. The Boa Vista walk starts at the gate of your B & B, which at first leads you through the orange grove of our neighbour. After passing some remote houses and small farms with adjoining vegetable gardens (hortas), you gradually enter a quiet area of beautiful views (Boa Vista). The track rises slightly and in the Spring the richness of flowers is amazing. Photographers will be in their element. Capturing the beauty is a real challenge because there is so much to see!

En route, you will find some official signs of a walking route, as walk Boa Vista crosses the officially signposted “Telheiros de Barro” TAV-PR11 route that Tavira Council has developed. We have therefore also created the possibility to combine both routes making it a full day walk of approximately 13 miles through our Barrocal and the start of the hills; the land between the sea and the mountains. That challenge is for the real walking diehards.

When you leave behind Telheiros de Barro, the official Tavira track, you are entering the area of walk Boa Vista that really offers the most amazing views of the land. On a bright day, the edge of the hills offer views all the way to Spain. After eating your lunch and having enjoyed the beauty and the silence, you enter back down into the valley. In recent years large orange groves have been planted here offering the sweet smell of fruit flowers in the Spring. Before you know it, you are back at the B & B.