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Fonte da Zorra

Fonte da Zorra

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR2)

 3.1 mi.  Easy   243m Casas Baixas

Fonte da Zorra walk is an easy official circular route of 3.1 miles in the Northern part of the Tavira municipality in the Serra do Caldeirão hills.
We have not yet hiked this route ourselves and cannot provide specific information about it.
You can download the GPS track of the route here as well as the PDF document provided by the municipality with the route information.


Route TAV PR2 – Fonte da Zorra walk consists of two clearly different parts.
CASAS BAIXAS BARRANCO – FONTE DA ZORRA (1.3 mi. – maximum height 350m)

The walk is situated in the northern part of the municipality of Tavira. This is an area where oak farmlands and pine forests predominate. Those pines have been planted here as a form of reforestation after a number of major wildfires. The area is still actively used by keepers of goats and sheep with their herds. Evidence of this is the various sheepfolds along the way used by the herds in transit. The path that follows this walking route was used by the inhabitants of the hamlets who reach their vegetable gardens and small lands with cork oaks, olive trees and other fruit trees. The vegetable gardens are irrigated with water from the ravine. In winter, when it has rained a lot, some trails are not passable due to flooding.

BARRANCO DO PORCO – CASAS BAIXAS (1.7mi – maximum height 375m)

The route continues, under the umbrella pines and past the hortas (traditional vegetable gardens) that provide the people here with home-grown food deep in the hills. The care taken in maintaining these gardens and the water supply clearly shows the love for the land that its inhabitants feel and the pride of these people for the land and their region.

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