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Alcaria do Cume

Alcaria do Cume

GPS walk – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR15)

 8 mi.  Difficult   283m Carvalhal

Alcaria do Cume walk is a difficult, 8 mile long circular walk through the Serra do Caldeirão, around the highest peak of the Eastern Algarve. We estimate it is, difficult because it has some nasty climbs. At the start, the electricity pylons are ugly in the line of sight. During the walk they disappear from view.
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Alcaria do Cume walk offers an amazing panoramic view all the way to the coast of the Eastern Algarve. Despite the fact that the sea side is at least 18 miles away. On a sunny January day, when we walk this route, the wind is still a bit chilly, so don’t forget to bring a wind breaker.

Alcaria do Cume walk is a circular route through quiet traditional villages where time has stood still. It is beautiful to walk in clear weather; the horizon far beyond the Spanish border. The houses in the area are a special combination of traditional built and new-stick-on. In the messy surroundings, some sheep quietly ruminate a farmyard. The flora has already come to life. Almond trees are in full bloom. The air is full with the scent wild herbs; rosemary and thyme. During the walk beehives are scattered on the hill sides. Particularly striking is the complete peace and quiet. Alcaria do Cume walk follows the ancient historical roads connecting the scattered farms and hamlets and the villages since the beginning of the habitation of the Algarve.

Almost the entire route follows unpaved paths. There is no cafe or restaurant along the trail. We therefore recommend that you bring a picnic lunch and enjoy it at one of the panoramic spots along the route.

Download file: tav-pr15-serra-de-alcaria-do-cume.gpx

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