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Rota Vicentina

Rota Vicentina: walking through one of the most beautiful unspoilt coastal areas in Europe

https://rotavicentina.com/en/walking/historical-way/Rota Vicentina (GR11) is an old pilgrimage route and trade route. It connects the Cape of Saint Vincent (Cabo de São Vicente), the most southwestern point of Portugal in the Algarve, with Santiago do Cacem in the Alentejo. The Rota Vicentina Historical Way manly consists of rural tracks and paths and it is a classical GR-route with vast cork tree forests, mountain ranges, valleys, rivers and creeks. It offers a true journey through time, local culture and nature trails.

The “Historical Way” received a “Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe” certification which means that the Historical Way is rated one of the best walking destinations in Europe.

The route covers 13 sections and  a total of a little over 160 miles of walking trails. The 13 sections and the number of miles per section can be found below.

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