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Cerros de Sobro

Cerros de Sobro

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR4)

 9.9 mi.  Difficult   271m Tavira

Cerros de Sobro walk (TAV PR4) is an official walking route, designed by the municipality of Tavira. The almost 10 mile long track is considered challenging, with quite some climbs. We have not waked this route ourselves so we can only offer you the information that Tavira Concelho provides and on this page, you can download the GPS track.


Cerros de Sobro walk (TAV PR4), described in four stages.

  1. FEITEIRA – CASTELÃO (2.5 mi; 530m maximum elevation)

Starting at the “Centro de Descobetra” in Casas Baixas follow the walking path in the direction of Feiteira. Following this trail, it is clear that cork is still one of the most important and dominant products in the region. Almost all families in this area own cork oaks and the older residents still master the art of peeling the cork oaks. The bark of the cork oaks is piled up, waiting for the buyers. Further along the walk, cork oaks give way to the typical shrubs of the Serra do Caldeirão, all the way up to Castelão. The path over the ridge offers a breathtaking panoramic view.

  1. CABEÇA DO VELHO (2.9 mi; maximum elevation 529 m)

The river crossing in the Odeleite river invites you to take a break and explore birdlife and the typical flora. In the spring you are surrounded by an abundance of colors and aromas. The path now leads up and curve after curve, Castelão is disappearing. From the top of the Cabeça do Velho (529 m. in the municipality of São Brás de Alportel) you have a panoramic view over the mystical hills and typical landscape in the North and to the village of Parizes in the South.

  1. CERRO DA PASSARIA – SEIXO BRANCO (2.2 mi; maximum elevation 520 m)

Cerros de Sobro walk takes you back towards the Odeleite river again. We recommend taking another break here and enjoying the fantastic landscape. In autumn this area offers the true autumn colours, with the red hues of the berries of Arbutus, the mushrooms and cork oaks and the umbrella pines.

There is no café or restaurant on the way, so bring a picknick lunch and don’t forget a wind breaker. On the top of the hills, the wind can be cold.


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