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Curral da Pedra

Curral da Pedra

GPS wandelroute Algarve – Tavira TAV PR12

 4 mi.  Easy   89m Porto Carvalhoso

Curral da Pedra route starts along the river Alportel. The banks have a characteristic vegetation. The trail passes through the hamlet of Curral da Pedra (houses traditionally built with slate) and winds back to the watermill. Then over the hills back to Porto Carvalhoso.

On the hills the characteristic landscape of the Serra: oak orchards, Medronheios (strawberry trees), interspersed with aromatic plants (rosemary, thyme but also the edible cistus rose). The area hosts several permanently inhabited houses and houses that are used as second homes. The circular walk is marked yellow-red (PR 12). There are no catering facilities along the way, so bring a picnic lunch to enjoy the surroundings from one of the beautiful viewpoints.

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Walk Curral da Pedra starts at the information panel in Porto Carvalhoso. Continue on the asphalt road. You will pass a beautiful well and go straight on the unpaved road. Cross the river (Ribeiro do Alportel) and turn left. This is the unpaved road to Curral da Pedra (sign). A little further you go straight ahead at a crossroads with a sign “Casa Ribeira” on the left.
A little further you get closer to the river. There you will see riparian vegetation, water tanks, dilapidated houses, small fields and irrigated orchards. On the slopes alternating oak orchards and open land with aromatic plants. Stay close to the river and further on you will see a watermill (stone building) in the river bed and further on the houses of Curral da Pedra

At the beginning of the village of Curral da Pedra (at the wooden sign Casa do Oleandro) go straight ahead. You will return to this point later. The route runs along the hill and along scattered houses. The houses have often been restored in the traditional style by foreigners with the help of local craftsmen. Follow the markings. The narrowing path leads right past a house and about 10 meters before a well you turn right to the other side. Once there, turn left and walk around a white painted house with some decorative stones in the wall. You now follow the path along a swimming pool. A little further two wooden posts marking the route and then turn right at a crossroads. You are now walking further south.

Back on the dirt road from Curral da Pedra to Porto Carvalhoso, cross the small bridge (at the sign for Casa do Oleandro) and immediately afterwards take an ascending path to the left. (6 km)
Then begins a steep climb to the top of the hill (230m), which separates Curral da Pedra from Porto Carvalhoso. At the top keep right. Enjoy a beautiful view over the hills in the north. A little later at a crossing, continue the road diagonally left straight ahead to the electricity pylons. You walk over the crest of the hill.
Then the descent to the hamlet of Monta da Ribeira. Cross the river and have arrived at the starting point of the circular walk.

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