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Dom Quixote

Dom Quixote

GPS route Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR1)

 10.6 mi.  Difficult   274m Casas Baixas

Dom Quixote walk starts at the “Centro de Descoberta” (former primary school) in Casas Baixas. Head north and pass the village of Alcarias Baixas. The landscape consists of cistus roses and gradually changes into areas of cork oaks and pine plantations.

In some places there is a large concentration of lavender and spotted rock rose (Tuberaria guttata), which makes the environment particularly colourful during the flowering period. Until Amoreira Dom Quixote walk passes along a stream, through orchards and through vineyards. The road continues through cork oak forests, cistus roses and pine forests up to the Cerro do Bicudo. From here you can see the Odeleite stream, the valley and the slopes covered with cistus roses, strawberry trees (Medrohheiros), pines and holm oaks.

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We always advise to bring a picknick lunch on the langer walks. This walk does not offer any café or restaurant on the way, but there is a picnic area at this point in Dom Quixote walk. By the stream where you can rest and enjoy the landscape. You may come across some of the area’s numerous bird-, mammal, amphibian and reptile species. Species such as the wild rabbit, green frog, lark, jay, partridge and oriole are quite common.

After leaving Graínho, Dom Quixote walk will pass through a floodplain with fields, orchards, vineyards and meadows. The vegetation changes into cistus roses, holm oaks and cork oaks. Near Passa Frio, the road passes two windmills that testify to a different way of life in the Serra region of the Algarve. The route continues to the “Centro de Descoberta” in Casas Baixas.

Download file: tav-pr1-percurso-dom-quixote.gpx

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