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GPS route – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira 


GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira 

 4.8 mi.  Moderate   160m Feiteira

Feiteira walk is an amazing round trip through the hills of the Serra do Caldeirão, just 12 miles north of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo.The circular track starts in the village, just a 30 minute drive from B&B Cas al Cubo.

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Feiteira walk starts at the beginning of the village with the same name, next to the first bus stop, at the house of a friendly French couple. They tell us about the depopulation of the village; a general problem in the hinterland of the Algarve. The first part of the circular walk is on a good asphalt road along a few impressive windmills. When we leave Feiteira behind us, the GPS leads us onto a gravel path. To our surprise, a special kind of mushrooms work their way up through the gravel.

Signposts disappeared due to forrest fire

An enormous forest fire ravaged this area in July of 2012. It reduced over 12,000 square miles of beautiful forrest land to ashes  It is surprising how little reminds of that disastrous event. Around Feiteira nature has recovered well and only some a charred cork oaks recall the inferno that must have taken place. After the hiking route leaves the asphalt, you start a long descent with the most fantastic views.

It is slightly difficult to keep following the route Feiteira walk without a GPS device because signposts have disappeared in several places. In other places the path has suddenly disappeared completely and has made way for wild vegetation. Nevertheless, it is not a difficult route when you walk it with GPS. The second part of the hike treats you to two steep climbs that allow you to leave the valley behind. There are two places where the residue of the fire still has clear appearance because the road is blocked by fallen trunks of burnt cork oaks. You have to climb over it carefully otherwise you will be covered in black greasy smudges. The last part leads back to the village on the asphalt.

In summary, Feiteira is a not too difficult and varied circular walk of a little under 5 miles.  Nice for a sunny afternoon.

Download file: LLE_PR6 Feiteira.gpx

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