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Fonte Benemola

Fonte Benemola

GPS walk – Walking-in-Algarve – Loulé (LLE PR16)

 2.5 mi.  Easy   43m Fonte Benemola

Fonte Benemola walk is a 2.5 mile easy circular GPS track in the Loulé municipality. It is not a difficult trail but it holds an incredible amount of flowers and animals. The Menalva river, that holds water all year round, attract numerous species. Because of the natural riches of this area, a national park was founded in which insects, butterflies, turtles, lizards, snakes and many more species thrive.

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Fonte Benémola is not the location for a brisk walk. It is the typical walking trail to enjoy flowers and birds and to explore wildlife.

Before reaching the Menalva river, the dirt road from the parking lot passes old walls that are said to have been there since Moorish rule. Along the trail there’s also an old limestone pit, olive trees and lemon and orange trees. Of course there is also a number of allotments or hortas that are so typical to the Barrocal. Once arrived at the Meralva river where the vegetation is full and green.

If there is water, there are aquatic animals. Countless species of (water) snakes, turtles, frogs, salamanders and lizards live in and around the river. There is nothing more wonderful than to sit down for half an hour in a quiet spot along the stream and see what swims and floats along.

Birdlife Benemola

This area is also the ideal habitat for birds. Kingfishers in particular find plenty of food all year round. Bee-eaters, different species of heron, blackbirds, nightingales, finch and tit species, wheatear and magpies also have a great time here. The Fonte Benemola walk actually is a great voyage of discovery for nature lovers, and the great thing is that it is accessible to anyone. Even my almost 80 year old mother-in-law with a rotten knee was able to handle the trail and thoroughly enjoyed it.

In the neighbouring village of Querença on the village square there is one pub and one restaurant. The food is traditionally Algarve style and the atmosphere rural. But maybe it’s more fun to bring a picnic. The municipality of Loulé has set up picnic tables on the LLE PR16 walking route in a very beautiful spot along the river. On a nice sunny day, that is the option we would choose any time.

Download file: lle-pr16-fonte-benemola.gpx

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