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GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR8)

 3.8 mi.  Moderate   99m Mealhas

Masmorra walk (TAV PR8) is an official track of the Tavira municipality. We have not yet walked this circular walk ourselves so we cannot offer any specific information. The GPS track of this route can be downloaded on this website as well as the brochure with some extra information that is offered by the municipality of Tavira.

Masmorra, wandelroute TAV PR8 van Tavira


MEALHA – RIBEIRINHA (2.1 mi; maximum height 311 m)

Masmorra hiking trail (TAV PR8) gives an impression of the area around the Masmorra hill.  The walk starts in the Centro de Descoberta in Mealhas and leaves the village via the traditional laundry place and the Picota. Follow a long narrow path with houses on either side to the right in the direction of the allotments or hortas. You pass a viewpoint with a beautiful panorama. At a bend in the river you will find traditional hay warehouses (Palheirinhos) and sheepfolds. These historical elements show that you are in a very old village. The walk takes you through a very lovely landscape. On the other side of the hill, the path follows the river. It ends up on the road to Corte João Marques. Follow this path to where the allotments are located directly on the river.

MASMORRA – MEALHA (1.6 mi; maximum height 363 m)

The path leaves the river and gradually ascends to Cerro da Masmorra. Enjoy the landscape; the open and wide field of vision in all directions. The hills of Mestras, Barrada and Martinlongo; to the north the Pereirão windmill, whitewashed and still active; to the north-west the village of Ameixial and to the south the hills of Mealha, Montinho do Cravo and Alcarias Pedro Guerreiro are visible. Here is also the “Anta” (barrow) de Masmorra” This is a prehistoric burial mound and a sign of times long gone. The way back always goes downhill. The circular walking route crosses the river again and the walker returns to the area of ​​the vegetable gardens (hortas). The last part of the walk takes you back to Mealha via a quiet asphalt road.

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