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Mata da Conceicao

Mata da Conceicao

GPS route – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira

 4.2 mi.  Moderate   88m Mata da Conceição

Mata da Conceicao walk is a challenging circular walk of a little over 4 miles in the Eucalyptus forrest just Northeast of Tavira in the Portuguese Algarve. We encountered the description of this walk in the Sunflower walking guide. It is not completely accurate and the walk contains a mean and dangerous climb, we have enjoyed this completely different landscape thoroughly.

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Mata da Conceicao walk starts at a parking lot at the edge of the Eucalyptus forest. The first mile is not exciting; it follows the asphalt. After that however, it enters a rustling forest and descends through the forest towards the river. After a small detour through a green valley that makes you feel as if you are in Switzerland. Follow the river to the ford.

Malhada do Peres

The landscape changes completely when you leave the forest and enter the hinterland of the Algarve with its whitewashed villages that seem to have been placed haphazardly between the hills. At the village of Malhada do Peres, you find yourself halfway and the walk sharply turns back up the hill, in a fairly serious climb. The view from the top of the hill makes the effort worthwhile. Slowly, enjoying the views and the sun that shines on the sea, the path descends towards the river. Just before the second river crossing, the route makes a 180 degree turn up a narrow, almost overgrown path.

After this, the real challenge of Mata da Conceicao walk awaits. A steep climb of about 90 meters, almost perpendicular to the ridge. And this is the only way back, so you have to go up. When it has rained, this walk is impossible because the path is slippery and too dangerous. Once at the top, another 1.5 easy kilometers wait, back to the parking lot. Mata da Conceicao walk is certainly not an easy route and you must have some climbing skills. This walking route is definitely worth it for any hiker that likes a challenge.

Download file: Mata Nac Conceicao, Ribereira Zambujosa.gpx

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