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Montes Serranos

Montes Serranos

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR3)

 4.3 mi.  Moderate   165m 514Casas Baixas

Montes Serranos walk (TAV PR3) is an official 4.3 mile medium heavy GPS route, plotted by the municipality of Tavira.
We have not walked this route ourselves and cannot share personal information with you.
The GPS track and the PDF brochure of this hike can be downloaded here.


Montes Serranos walk (TAV PR3) is divided into two parts:

Casas Baixas – Amoreira (2.2 mim; maximum elevation 350 m)

The two hamlets Casas Baixas and Amoreiras represent the traditional Algarvian country life in detail, both in the rural architecture of the houses and in the daily country life. The trail leads north past small vegetable gardens and small farms, and the stone stockyards on the tops of the hills show that pastoral life is still an integral part of the rural economy. It is also a very important activity; the various herds of goats and sheep graze the hills and thus keep the bushes low, which reduces the fire risk in these arid regions.

Until now, the Montes Serranos walk followed the same path as routes PR1 and PR2 of the municipality of Tavira. Ahead, this trail separates from PR1 and PR2 and continuse along a trail s full of Esteva or Cistus rose and lined by pine trees. The path ends at the Ribeira da Foupanilha. Now, prepare for the climb to the hill of the Amoreiras or the Mulberry Hill. The path is not difficult, but it does go up steeply and comes out on a small asphalt road.

PASSA FRIO – AMOREIRA (2.8 mile; maximum elevation 375 m)

In this second part of the walk, follow the unpaved paths. The view from this height is sublime. The modern windmills and traditional stockyards symbolise the contrast between the richness of days gone by and the developments of the last century. Simply enjoy the tranquility and the beauty of the landscape. The walk ends on the south side of Casas Baixas. 

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