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Percurso da Reserva

Percurso da Reserva

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira (TAV PR5)

 4 mi  Middelmatig   123m Feiteira

Percurso da Reserva walk (TAV PR5) is an official track of the Tavira municipality. We have not yet walked this circular walk ourselves so we cannot offer any specific information. The GPS track of this route can be downloaded on this website as well as the brochure with some extra information that is offered by the municipality of Tavira.

Hiking trail Percurso da Reserva (TAV PR5)

The walk starts at the Centro de Descoberta da Feiteira. Just outside the gate you walk to the North. The landscape, dominated by cork oaks is scented eucalyptus trees. The characteristic rural architecture of the small farms with their typical chimneys are some of the most striking elements of the route. Up to Cerro da Eira da Capa you walk through a varying landscape with traditional vegetable gardens, cork trees, eucalyptus trees, pine trees and typical Mediterranean vegetation.The mountain hosts a lot of streams and small rivers that flood the main roads in wet winters. Stop at the shore and enjoy the clear mountain water to gather energy for the coming climb.

Birdwatching Algarve

Arriving on one of the hike’s hills, a stop is a must. Not just to relax, but above all to enjoy the landscape. In the distance you can see the hill of Figueirinha with its typical windmill. It is still in operation. Cork and eucalyptus trees continue to dominate the landscape. When the Leitejo River is crossed again, the end of the walk is approaching.

This walk is best known for its bird life. We have listed a few of the species that you can encounter in the area below. Due to the steep cliffs and the type of vegetation, also birds of prey feel very much at home in this area.

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