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Pero de Amigos

Pero de Amigos

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – São Brás de Alportel

 6.3 mi.  Moderate   230m Mealhas

Pero de Amigos walk is a circular route of a little more then 6 miles in the hills of the Serra do Caldeirão, just north of São Brás de Alportel. The route his designed by walking enthusiast André Wolff and this area never ceases to surprise us with it’s diversity of landscapes. We baptised the track after the abandoned village halfway the route.

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Pero de Amigos walk after a drive through Mealhas (off the EN270 near São Brás de Alportel), following the road into the hills. Park the car along a stream, a side branch of the Alportel river and start the walk. The gradient is decent and we decide to plan the greatest effort in the beginning. Along the babbling brook and between the rustling trees, we feel as if we are in a kind of fairytale land. Tranquility reigns here! All you hear are the wind and the birds. The terrain rises slowly, and walking is still wonderfully relaxed.

A little later, the relaxation is over and the panting begins. We start a part of the route that runs parallel to the Via Algarviana. This is the GR13, a more than 200 kilometer long walking route that crosses the Algarve from east to west. We start a steep climb that will last for a kilometer or two. The rains of the past weeks have not done the path any good and you have to watch out for the loose stones and slippery soil.

Panoramic views

At the rim of the hill, the view is our reward and well worth the effort. We can see the coast line all the way from Olhão to Tavira. The sun shines on the sea and even the contours of the Ria Formosa  natural park are clearly visible. It is really enjoyable! We walk east over the ridge, at heights of almost 500 meters. After about six kilometers, there is a brand new place name sign in the middle of the mountain: Pero de Amigos. We see two ruins there, but no village or people.

After this, the path will slowly descend. We leave Pero de Amigos behind and turn right at the hunting club. The last few hundred meters of the route we walk on asphalt, but that does not spoil the fun of this walking route. We enjoyed it. Pero de Amigos walk is a new highlight in our hike range.

Download file: CAC14 - Pero de Amigos.gpx

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