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GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Loulé (LLE PR4)

 8.2 mi.  Moderate   166m Ameixial

Revezes walk (LLE PR04) is an averagely difficult  8.2 mile circular GPS track of the Loulé municipality. We have not walked this tail ourselves and cannot give you information from personal experience. The GPS track and the official documentation from Loulé can be downloaded here.

Revezes walk (LLE PR04) is a walk in the far north of the Algarve. The landscape here consists of rolling hills and it seems almost uninhabited. The circular walk is also known under the name LLE PR21 and we find it with different lengths. There is a 8 mile version, which we publish here, but also a 9 mile and even a 12 mile version. They are all more than worth it!

This route is plotted by the municipality of Loulé. The walking route always starts in the hamlet of Revezes. The village is located  northeast of this small town of Ameixial. Although it is quite far from the main centers of the Algarve, it is easily accessible.

Ribeira Vascão

Part of the walk follows the river Vascão, which also forms the border with the northern province of Alentejo. The landscape here is in stark contrast to the landscape south of Ameixal. Instead of undergrowth, large areas are covered with grasslands. The trail also passes through areas rich in riverbank vegetation such as oleanders, willows, reed borders and white poplar. another art of the circular walk passes through areas covered with vegetation that is typical of the Algarve hills, such as strawberry trees and holm oaks.

The vicinity of water means that many flowers and birds can be found. The area hosts different species in all seasons of the year. On the website www.biodiversidade4all.org, a number of enthusiastic volunteers log sightings of birds, plants and flowers and insects.Every nature lover should take a look at this site. The area is largely uninhabited, except for a few hamlets, and you will not encounter any cafes or restaurants along the way. Bring a picnic and enjoy the peace and nature in a beautiful spot.

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