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Rocha da Pena

Rocha da Pena

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Loulé (LLE PR18)

 4.3 mi.  Moderate   165m Rocha da Pena

Rocha da Pena walk(LLE PR18)  is an easy 4.3 mile circular GPS track in the Loulé municipality. This is one of the most well known walking trails in the Algarve. That might just be the reason that we were reluctant to try it. We do regret that a lot, in retrospect. This amazing walk should be the first in everyones book!

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Rocha da Pena walk can be done in several ways. The short version is not very long, about 4.2 mile, but it is still impressive and the walking route starts north of Salir. The walk has a nice starting point because at the place where you park the car there is a small cafe where you can get a cup of coffee before the first climb. Rocha da Pena already rises impressively behind the café, so the first image to enjoy is there.


This walking route is plotted by the municipality of Loulé and it is is surprisingly well signposted. You don’t really need a description or GPS. Only the first climb is challenging and looking up from the car park, you wonder if you will ever get to that top of that huge rock. Once at the top, the view is impressive and the flora surprising. To date, 124 bird species have been counted, most of which are resident. Due to the location and geological composition of the plateau, there are also flowers and plants that you will not find elsewhere. Moreover, it is an interesting place from an historical point of view. Loulé municipality has done its utmost to inform hikers well by means of signs along the walking route so that they can really enjoy being on top of the rocky plateau.

We climbed the rock on a sunny day, in the middle of the day so we didn’t see many birds. January is still a little early in the season for blooming flowers. The first wild daffodils nevertheless gave us a real spring feeling on this great hiking day! Walking this hill is a must for all walkers and it doesn’t matter whether you are a “road hog” or a lover of short routes. This experience should not be missed!

Download file: LLE PR02 Rocha da Pena.gpx

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