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Salt Pans of Tavira

Salt Pans Tavira

GPS track – Walking-in-Algarve – Tavira 

 4.3 mi.  Easy   10m Tavira

Salt Pans Tavira is a walk for birdwatchers Algarve.

Salt has been extracted around Tavira since the beginning of times. The sea salt was exported from Eastern Algarve all over the Roman Empire. Even then people spoke of the ‘white gold’ from Algarve. In the nature reserve “Natural Park of the Ria Formosa” innumerable small salt basins (Salinas) can be found. To this day, nothing but sea, sun, wind and human hands provide a fantastic pure quality of sea salt, called “Flor de Sal” Because the water in this corner of the Atlantic Ocean is the purest in all of Europe.

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Salt Pans Tavira iOS a walk through the Ria Formosa tidal area. In these wetlands, the salt basins or Salinas fill with water at high tide and empty it again when the tide is low. The supply of fresh seawater in the salt pans provides a lot of nutrition to all life in the wetlands. This in turn ensures a rich flora and fauna.

The starting point of the walk is more or less behind the health center in Tavira, where it is easy to park the car. The entire route follows the small dikes around the salt basins. A hat or cap is advisable, especially in early autumn or in late spring when the sun is already strong. The walking route takes you from Tavira towards Santa Luzia, clearly visible on the other side of the water. Proceed along the salt mountains of one of the local salt extraction companies to the navigation channel between the National Park of the Ria Formosa and the beach island Ilha de Tavira. The jetty of the beach of Terra Estreita is visible on the other side of the channel. Swing back over the dikes towards the health center.

Salt pans tavira walk does not offer shade, however there’s always a nice sea breeze to cool off. The walk is “only” 4.3 miles long without any incline. We managed to enjoy ourselves more than four and a half hours. We came across so many birds (and plants) species that are worth a closer look. As bird watchers we could indulge ourselves in egrets, storks, spoonbills, curlews, cormorants, warblers, European canaries; too many to mention. Hiking route Salt Pans of Tavira is not complicated, not very tiring, but just a wonderful walk through the nature reserve of the Ria Formosa.

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