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Terras da Ordem

GPS route – Walking-in-Algarve – Castro Marim

 8.1 mi.  Moderate   158m Odeleite

Terras da Ordem walk starts at the foot of the village of Odeleite just 12.5 miles north of the beach of Vila Real de Santo Antonio.  The distance to the Bed and Breakfast Cas al Cubo is around 30 miles.

In order to reach the starting point, follow the A22 motorway in the direction of the Spanish border and take the last exit towards Beja.  After the bridge across the Odeleite dam, take the first road to the right into the village.  Turn left at the T-junction and then second right in the direction of Foz de Odeleite, driving towards a bridge with yellow railings.  Just before the bridge, there is a path to the right; take this turn and follow the path down towards the river, parking your car just under the bridge.  Walking Route Terras da Ordem starts here.  The hikes PR4 and PR5 are clearly signposted.

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Along the Guadiana river

Terras da Ordem walk starts with a clear path along the Guadiana River, which serves as the border between Portugal and Spain.  Small “hortas”, the traditional vegetable gardens of the Portuguese, are scattered along the riverbanks.  The presence of the Guadiana River ensures a steady water flow all year round and due to flooding in the rainy season, the gardens stay healthy and have a good yield.

A shepherd walks his herd of goats and sheep as the dog laze in the sun. The path is easy to follow as the hike is not spectacular but mainly very relaxing and it offers no great surprises.  In the river, turtles play and the view towards Odeleite is beautiful.  Halfway along the route, the path starts to rise towards the top of a steep hill.

3/4 of the way through the walk, in a pine forest, there is a large fire tower.  High above the trees, in the Torre da Viga, the wind blows and the panorama is unforgettable.  With picnic tables provided, this is an ideal spot for “lunch in the wild”.  The route then leads you back through the forest alongside a nice canyon where the pine tree canopy offers some shade against the sun.

Terras da Ordem is a beautiful walk that offers a good impression of the area around the Guadiana River and which shows clearly the differences with the Barrocal. 

Download file: CAS-PR5 Terras da Ordem.gpx

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