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GPS walk – Walking-in-Algarve – Loulé PR10

 3.2 mi.  Easy   65m Tôr

Tor walk (LLE PR14) is an easy, 3.2 mile circular GPStrack around the village of Tôr, north of Loulé. The route starts at the village church. It is quite a big village, but there is no activity at all on the Sunday morning in January that we chose to make this walk.

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Tor walk breathes peace and quiet. The first few kilometers of the walk, this strikes us. We leave the village via the asphalt road, going downhill. First through the village into the valley and then across an old Roman bridge that spans the Algibre river. The Tôr bridge was once built on the old secondary Roman road that connected Milreu, in Estoi, with Salir (Loulé). After the bridge, we follow the road towards the vineyards of Quinta da Tôr. You can book a wine tasting here on every weekday. We do not recommend this while you make the Tor walk.

Wijnproeven in de Algarve

At the first sign for the Quinta da Tôr wineries you leave the asphalt to the right onto a dirt road. With your back to the asphalt The landscape becomes more charming straight away. The grapes from the Tôr vineyards grow on both sides of the track, and the landscape slowly becomes more natural. You cross between Eucalyptus trees, Medronho, huge Pinheiros (pine trees) and along reed borders. Slowly more and more cork oaks appear along the route. Everywhere we hear birds in the lush green. There is a great biodiversity in this area. The sightings of different plants and animals are tracked on the website Biodiversity4all.org. Here you will also find observations for the rest of the Algarve and Portugal.

Halfway the walk, we cross the river again and now we actually end up in a cork oak forest. Through the trees we have a panoramic view over the hills. The road through the valley is flat, but because we started the walk at the top of the village and we know that what comes down … must come up again to reach the car. That is indeed correct. The last part of this short circular walk goes up steeply and we come back to the church huffing and puffing. It is a short, diverse and very beautiful walk.

Download file: lle-pr14-tôr_rtw.gpx

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